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Minister’s Website Article, May 2019


A bedtime story:

Once, there was Face. It was a normal Face, made from Nose, Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Eyelids, and so on. These bits of Face lived together happily most of the time. Occasionally they argued - such as when they woke and Eyelids didn't want to open, so Eyes got annoyed they may have missed something. Or, when Nose smelled something good, but Mouth didn't fancy it. But, most of the time, they got on.

Then, one day, a problem began with a different, Pretty Face. A Face with red Mouth and button Nose. At a party, Pretty Face sidled up to Face and said, 'What lovely Eyes you've got!'

That did it. Eyes were so pleased. They began viewing themselves in the mirror, saying, 'Yes, we are good looking.’ They puffed themselves up to look bigger, and started acting superior.

The other parts of Face thought this amusing. They laughed at Eyes, and kept poking fun, saying things like, 'Very eye and mighty, aren't you,' and 'Yes, your Eyeness!'

Eyes got annoyed, especially as they thought they were better than the others. Then, one day, after Nose said, 'Yes, your Eyeness,' for the sixteenth time, they had enough.

'That's it!' they shouted 'We're not appreciated. We're off, away from you dead beats who don't know quality when you see it. We don't want to hang with you any more, especially those stupid Eyelids, who only get in the way!’ They jumped out of Eye Sockets and left.

As they rolled along, Eyes wondered where to go. They thought, 'We'll go where we're appreciated.' So they went to see Pretty Face. When they got there, they knocked on the door, as Eyes do. The door opened, and out looked Pretty Face. Eyes bounced around, trying to attract attention.

Pretty Face looked left and right, then looked down and suddenly saw Eyes. Without Mouth, Eyes couldn't say why they were there. So, Pretty Eyes grew large. Pretty Mouth shrieked, 'Aarghh!' Dog ran out, and chased Eyes away.

Eyes rolled as fast as possible, down streets, into back alleys, with Dog behind, until finally they managed to hide and Dog turned back. But they were lost, tired and miserable.

Meanwhile, Eyelids were upset with being called useless, and had hidden themselves, sulking and crying. It left the rest of Face feeling terrible.

At first they said, 'We don't need silly Eyes anyway.'

'No,' said Nose, 'They can't tell smells apart.'

'They can't hear,' said Ears.

'Or make good sounds,' answered Mouth.

'No,' they said, 'We're better off without them.'

But, as time went on, they had second thoughts.

'It's very dark,' sniffed Nose.

'Yes,' flapped Ears, 'I keep hearing things and can't see what.'

'And,' added Mouth, 'I can't see what’s put into me; until it's too late and tastes terrible.'

They pondered, then Nose said, 'Perhaps we were too hard on Eyes.'

Mouth said, 'Perhaps we need them.'

'We miss them,' sniffed Ears.

So they decided to look for Eyes. It was difficult. They wandered streets, with Mouth shouting 'Eyes, where are you?' They kept tripping over, and getting lost. Nose would try to smell them. 'I think we're passing McDonald's' it would say, 'I can smell chips,’ but wasn't sure. Ears would try to hear where they were: 'I think we've reached the main road; I can hear cars.' But it was very dangerous.

After what seemed hours, Ears heard a small cry. 'Over there!' They said. Nose sniffed. 'Yes, it might be them.' Mouth shouted 'Eyes, Eyes. Please come back. We didn't mean to be cruel. We need you.'

'Really?' Whispered Eyes.

'Yes,' they said. 'We can't get on without you.'

'I'm sorry I was big-headed,' said Eyes. 'I realise I'm not better than you.'

So Eyes came back to Face, and settled in. But Eyes couldn't sleep, and dust and dirt kept getting in. They suddenly realised Eyelids were hiding in a cupboard, feeling small and useless.

'Oh, Eyelids,' said Eyes. 'We're sorry. We didn't mean to say you were useless. You’re very useful. We can't get on without you.'

'Truly?' whispered Eyelids.

'Yes,' said Eyes. 'We shouldn't have looked down on you. You are just as important.'

So Eyelids came back, and Face was whole again. They still argued occasionally. But they realised no one was any better or worse. As long as they worked together, they all had a part to play.

That’s what the Apostle Paul said in the bible. 'When you follow Jesus together,’ he said, ‘you are like different parts of a body - the Body of Christ. You come to God because God loves you. But nobody is more important, and nobody less important. It doesn't matter what job you do. Instead, we are to work together, loving God and each other, everyone doing what they are good at, for the sake of everyone else.

That’s church - or should be. We don’t always get it right, but that’s the aim. Let us all look at God together; then we can speak for God, look for God, and be the parts of Christ’s Body in this place. That way we follow God properly.


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