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Message from Duncan December 2017


When Darren was fourteen years old, his life changed completely. Darren was an active lad, into football, skateboarding, fun. A normal child.

Then, one day, he and two friends decided to ‘borrow’ a car for a joyride. Later, Darren couldn’t remember whose idea it was - they had all been swept up in the daring moment. It was meant to be a lark - and it was, for a while. They drove along, faster and faster, down winding country roads. Then it all went black.

Six weeks later, Darren woke in hospital. His body had been shattered in the crash. Sixteen broken bones. A pierced lung and liver. Spinal problems. Darren could do nothing for himself. His visitors said he was lucky to be alive - after all, his two friends had died. But Darren didn’t feel lucky. He needed help with everything, and he raged against the weakness. Having to rely on others was terrible.

Eventually Darren managed to get into a wheelchair and move himself around a little. But he still needed other people to help him with washing, dressing, feeding, going to the toilet, reaching items. He found this all an embarrassment and utterly demeaning. He grew more and more bitter and sullen. Yes, he needed the help, and couldn’t live without it; but he felt it was so unfair. They had just wanted some fun, and now he was weaker than a kitten.

Then, one day, someone talked to him about Jesus. Oh, Darren had heard the old religious messages, and none of them touched him. Part of him wanted to blame God for his problems. How could God have done this to him? How can God even understand what it feels like to be so weak and so reliant on other people?

But this person spoke about Jesus. He said, ‘God knows exactly how you feel, because it happened to him.’ Darren was stunned. ‘What do you mean?’ This person explained how Jesus was, in some way we don’t understand, completely God, and had been at the creation of the world. Yet, because of God’s love for his creation, he allowed himself to have all the power, ability, and knowledge stripped from him and became utterly weak. Utterly helpless. Utterly dependant on other people. He was born as a baby in a poor household, under foreign rule. He who had known everything and helped make the universe was now unable to do any of those things. Jesus was born as a baby in Bethlehem, so that he could enter our problems and understand what it is like to be us.

Darren’s life changed again at that moment. He still has a long way to go, and still gets frustrated and angry at times. But now he knows that God understands, and he has begun to build a relationship with this God of love. He says it is as if a door has opened and fresh air has enter his stuffy, smelly old life. He still needs help, but in his spirit he feels free. That’s the beginning of the gospel.

Have a great Christmas.

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Every blessing



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