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Message from Duncan March 2018

I write this on the first day of meteorological spring - whatever that means - yet snow is falling. I peer out the window and it looks cold and icy. The Met office has issued a red warning, and snow has caused traffic jams on the roads. All the adults are staying in and looking worried, but the children are out in our street. The school has closed, and they’re having fun.

That reminds me of two different quotes. Firstly, in his book ‘Dangerous Wonder,’ Mike Yaccanelli tells about a young lad who wrote an essay about his dream. He handed it in and got an F from the teacher. The teacher told him that the reason he had failed was because his dream was unrealistic. ‘You can do your essay again, and get a better grade,’ the teacher said, ‘if you write in a more realistic manner.’ The boy discussed it with his father who told him that it was his decision. The boy gave the essay back to the teacher and said, ‘Sir, you can keep the F, and I’m gonna keep my dream.’

Then Mike Yaccanelli said this: ‘In a day when most of us are tired, worn out, thirsty, and starving for life and joy and peace, maybe it’s time to become a child again. Maybe its time to take a year off and go on the mission field, or go back to college, or give up the possessions that are possessing us. Maybe it’s time to live the dangerous wonder of faith: take our shoes off, roll up our sleeves, and have such a romp as no one has ever seen. Maybe it’s time to play in the snow again.’

The second quote is from the Christian author, Anne Lamont. She tells of the time when she was thinking of becoming a Christian, and she met a Christian called Bill. She wrote this: He was the first Christian I had met that I could stand to be in the same room with. Most Christians seemed almost hostile in their belief that they were saved, and you weren’t. “What does it mean to be saved,” I asked. “You don’t need to think about this,” he said. “Well, just tell me,” I said. “Oh,” he answered, “I guess it’s discovering that you’re on the shelf of a pawn shop, gathering dust, and forgotten, and maybe not worth very much. But then Jesus comes in and tells the pawn broker, ‘I’ll take her place on the shelf. You let her go outside and play.’”

The world is full of problems and worries, we know that. When we want it to be spring, it snows. Yet the Christian message is one of joy. That’s not because Christians are like the proverbial ostrich, hiding their heads in the sands and being unrealistic. No, it’s because Christians have a firm hope, a promise - a secret, if you will. We know that God loves us. We know he has promised to always be with us, right through all the problems and out the other side. We know that, in Jesus, he has dealt with our sin and reconciled us with God. We know we have an eternal home surrounded by grace and peace. That, ultimately, is the message of Easter. When the world seems tough, and people do cruel things such as Jesus experienced on the cross, still God comes through in the end.

So, let’s go outside and play.

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