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Update December 2020.

December 2020 Update about Pastor Dhan Lama  and family and Kathmandu Bible church


Dhan, Sarita and the children now live in UK in Slough. Sarita is a nurse at a local hospital, where Dhan helps out part-time as  a porter.  Sue will be taking A-levels next summer and hopes to go on to study Science at a UK university. Grace and Joshua are doing well at school.

               Because of Covid. There are no international flights to Nepal. So Dhan cannot visit the fellowship.

               There is little work available in Kathmandu. So times are hard. Fortunately the pandemic has not  reached the mountain villages, so the churches there are functioning as before. Subsistence farming is the only work for those returning home .



We have a close link with the church in Kathmandu.

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