Roles and responsibilities.

Treasurer                                                          Colin Speed

Assistant Treasurer                                        John Pockett

Gift Aid Secretary                               Catherine Phillips

Secretary                                                                            (at the moment Fiona Kelly)

Pulpit Secretary                                  Shirley Boyd

Organist                                              John Pockett

Junior Church                                     Enid Clark

Children’s Advocates(S.O.)                 Colin Speed

Midweek Service                                Bernice Jevons, Duncan Tuck


Audio System                                      Elizabeth Holmes, Steve Sharkey

Bible Readings Co-ordinator              Shirley Boyd

Bible Readings notes                          Enid Clark

Bulletin                                               Elizabeth Holmes

Catering                                              Ann Banks, Bernice Jevons, Tricia Sharkey

Church Cleaner                                   Hazel Sampson

Copyright Licence Returns                 Elizabeth Holmes

Fabric team                                         Anne Banks, Colin Speed

Flower Co-ordinator                          Bernice Jevons, Ann Wells

Fundraising Committee                     Shirley Boyd, Enid Clark, Bernice Jevons, Alison Waite

Hall Lettings                                        Anne Banks

Heating                                               Stan Green

Housekeeper                                      Anne Banks

Knit & Natter Group                           Anne Banks, Margaret Hart

Nursery Liaison Officer                       Anne Banks

Prayer Breakfast                                 Anne Banks

Prayer Co-ordinator                           Anne Banks

Prayer Calendar                                  Enid Clark, Tricia Sharkey

Projectorist                                         Elizabeth Holmes, Bernice Jevons, Steve Sharkey


Registrars                                            Anne Banks, Shirley Boyd

Rotas (Door, Deacons, Flowers, Tea)Tricia Sharkey

Safeguarding Officer (S.O.)                  Elizabeth Holmes

Website                                              Alison Waite

Wrington Liaison Officer                    Anne Banks



Baptist Missionary Contact                            Bernice & Phil Jevons

Bible Society                                                   Enid Clark

Christian Aid                                                   Anne Banks, Bernice Jevons

Churches Together                                         Anne Banks, Tricia Sharkey

House group hosts                                         Anne Banks, Bernice & Phil Jevons    

Film Club Liaison                                            Elizabeth Holmes, Bernice Jevons     

Scramblers                                                      Enid Clark

U.R.C. Synod                                                   Elizabeth Holmes

W.D.P.                                                             Elizabeth Holmes      


Accounts                                                         Julia Osmant

Ind. Accounts Examiner                                 Helen Bardle                                      

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