Kathmandu Bible Church

News about Nepal : Kathmandu Bible Church celebrates its Silver Jubilee this year. The building itself still needs more repair work arising from the earthquake a few years ago, but the fellowship is thriving remarkably considering that Pastor Dhan has been living in England for several years. Covid is a current problem, as in the rest of the world. Because Nepal has relied heavily on tourism for many years, but Nepal is on the Red List, that source of national income has dried up, making a poor country even poorer Sarita is nursing in a hospital in Slough and Dhan has a job there as a Security Officer. Their younger children (Grace and Joshua) are therefore at school in Slough. Su , a Nepali name (not Susan) has done well in A levels and will soon be going to study medicine in Bulgaria. Dhan sends his greetings to friends at Lynch Chapel.
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