Reflection for Friday 27th March 2020 Reading: John 1 Verses 1 to 18 Francis Collins is one of the world’s foremost scientists. Head of the Human Genome project. He helped unravel human DNA. And, he believes in God. In his book ‘The Language of God’ he tells of a survey in 1916, where they asked all the great scientists in the world if they believed in a god that was personal, involved in human lives and answered prayer. 40% said yes. They did the same survey in 1997. And 40% said yes. Amazing. It’s important, in this time when scientists advise our lives, to know there are well educated people who believe in Jesus. In his book, ‘The Reason For God,’ Tim Keller says: ‘Scepticism has so infected the world that Christianity is declining to an alarming extent in some places. But the fact is also true that Christianity is growing in absolutely phenomenal places.’ So, at the same time, Christianity is declining radically in some areas and growing, radically, in others. Keller says, ‘That ought to create a humility among us. We need to understand that we’re both increasing and declining. We ought to be more humble at talking to one another.’ Why is Christianity still a force to be reckoned with? Because Jesus won’t go away. He is still transforming people. Jesus is still on the rise. Why? Because of who he is. That reading in John gives us the insider info. In this time of stress, aren’t you glad? Prayer: God of life, death, and surprising new life, you sing your resurrection into every sunrise, every moment, every new-born hope. Teach us now your song, that we may open ourselves anew to your words and hear your eternal promise.

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